Spiritual Growth and Development Ministries

  • Provides various opportunities to grow closer to God and to know Him on a deeper level.
  • Assists individuals in developing their spiritual walk whether they are a new Christian or not.
  • Offers membership in Capital Church by learning what Capital Church is committed to and how you can get involved.
  • Provides the skills and tools needed to open the door to spiritual maturity.
  • Encourages, identifies and cultivates various ministry opportunities for members by discovering one’s spiritual gifts and learning how to use them for Christ.
  • Instructs on how one can share his or her faith simply and effectively.

New Beginning

These classes teach believers the foundational doctrines of Christ, preparing them to become devoted followers of Christ.

Next Steps

This class series teaches what it means to become a member of Capital Church; your identity and character in Christ; maturing in Christ through spiritual disciplines; discovering your spiritual gifts and how to use them for Christ; and, how to fulfill your ministry in Christ.

Cleansing Stream

This is a biannual seminar consisting of five teaching sessions and a two day retreat on personal bondage cleansing, deliverance, spiritual and physical healing and their application to every day Christian living.