Easter Sunrise Service


the Lincoln Memorial to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Watch this year’s Easter Sunrise Service here!


Easter Sunrise Service FAQs

  1. What time does the service start and how long is it?
    The service starts at 6:30 AM and will last about an hour.
  2. How should I get to the Lincoln Memorial?
    Unfortunately, the metro does not open until 7 AM, so you will have to drive, walk or bike. If you are driving, we encourage you to arrive early as parking goes fast. You can park all around the Mall and the side streets. Just be wary of no-parking zones. Also, give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes as some parking spots may be a little far.
  3. What should I wear?
    Right now, it’s looking mostly cloudy with a chance of a little rain in the lower 50ºs. It is usually about 10º colder at the Lincoln Memorial, so dress comfortably. Some people do wear their “Sunday best”, which is totally fine. We just want you to stay comfortable. Also, this service does happen rain or shine so dress accordingly.
  4. Where do we sit?
    We set up 1700 chairs at the Lincoln Memorial so if you would like one of those chairs, arrive early because they do go fast. Most people sit on the steps of the Lincoln and there are also grassy areas around the Lincoln where you can sit on a blanket or a folding chair.
  5. Is there reserved seating for handicap and hearing impaired?
    Yes! We have a few sections that are reserved for wheelchairs and we also have a special section up front for those that are hearing impaired with a sign language interpreter to assist during the service.
  6. What if I have any questions while I’m at the memorial?
    We have teams of volunteers that have prayed over this service and wake up very early (or stay up very late) to help and serve on Sunday morning. Find someone that has an “I Can Help!” badge and they will be able to assist you.