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We understand that you probably have a lot of questions going through your mind if you’re thinking about visiting Capital Church. We totally get it, and we’ve got you covered. From our kids check-in process to the team at the Connect Center, we’re here to make your visit to Capital Church the easiest thing you do all week.


In the meantime, here are some questions and answers that will help you know what to expect when you come to Capital Church for the first time…

A PLACE TO     Belong

  • What are services like?
    Services at Capital Church are exciting, friendly and encouraging. We begin with the worship team and band leading the church in worship – song lyrics are projected onto the screens so you can sing along and/or engage however you feel most comfortable. After the worship portion of service is complete, one of our pastors share a hope-filled message about Jesus that will encourage you for the week ahead.
  • How long is the service?
    Our service is approximately 60-70 minutes.
  • What do I do when I get there?
    Once you enter the building, you will be greeted by one of our Dream Team members. We're excited to meet you, tell you a little bit about Capital Church, and even give you a gift just to welcome you. If you have kids we'll help you find the PromiseLand check-in.
  • ​What is there for my kids?
    While you're in the service, your kids can enjoy an experience designed just for them in PromiseLand, our amazing children's ministry for kids birth through sixth grade. In their classroom they'll play games, sing songs, and meet new friends, all while learning about God in a way they can understand.
  • What will people be wearing?
    Capital Church is a wonderfully diverse church, so you will find some people dressed casually and some people decked out in their Sunday’s best. The important thing is that we want you to feel comfortable when you come to Capital Church, so feel free to wear whatever you’d like.
  • How can I meet others and get connected?
    There are many ways to get involved. You can begin by jumping into our Growth Track . are another great way to connect. In each of these, you can build friendships, learn more about living a life of faith, and have the opportunity to become all that God created you to be.
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