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Join us as we fund projects across the globe!


THE MISSION: Encouraging a Kenyan congregation
THE VISION: Reflooring the sanctuary
THE GOAL: $3,000

Pastor William Omallo is one leader on the team of leaders with Global Advance that I am working with in Kenya to challenge and equip the Church in Kenya to reach the Unreached People Groups in Kenya. In casual conversation, I discovered his church has been doing a fundraiser to install a completely new concrete and tile floor to replace the original floor that was intended to be temporary. They are about $3000 short to do this... we have already sent (by faith) $1000 to make sure the work does not stop.

THE MISSION: Lifting people out of poverty
THE VISION: Fully equip a vocational school
THE GOAL: $30,000

Pastor Moses leads the Kasese Pentecostal Church and Destiny Prepatory School in Kasese, Uganda. They were recently able to purchase new land and buildings from the Seventh-Day Adventists, just across the street from their current facility. This frees up the buildings of their school to be repurposed as a vocational school to lift Ugandans out of poverty. The buildings are ready, the teachers have been recruited; now we must fully equip the vocational school.

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